Sunday, October 16, 2011

Anna no longer supports referendums

We live in a strange world. Third World countries are “liberated” by occupying them; humanitarian intervention is carried out by dropping bombs over cities. Weak countries are asked to prove that they are innocent of harbouring any evil intentions rather than prosecutors proving guilt: Iran is repeatedly asked to prove that it has no intention of embarking upon a nuclear weapons program. Meanwhile, back home in India, pro-democracy activists seem unable to make up their minds as to what is more important – democracy or territorial integrity.

Picture this:

Headlines on 2nd October, 2011

Headlines on October 14:

So, what views of Prashant Bhushan did Anna Hazare disapprove of? Well, it turns out that Prashant Bhushan supports the idea of a referendum to resolve the Kashmir issue. Apparently Anna Hazare has a secret formula to determine when referendums are required and when to be rejected. Anna Hazare went even a step further and declared that Kashmir is an integral part of India. Well, it is customary of Hazare to settle all matters by his declarations – like how he declared that only his version of Lokpal bill was worthy enough of being passed by the Parliament.

Meanwhile, Prashant bhushan’s support for Kashmiri’s right of self-determination has so much infuriated the anti-corruption “nationalists” that they are demanding he be removed from the core of Team Anna.

Surely, we live in strange times.

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